Turn Your Event Into An #Event

On an average day, 60 million uploaded photos and 1.6 billion likes occur on Instagram.

Live Print Hashtag Photo Mosaic

But how can you use these photos to your advantage? Hashtags can generate vast, online conversations or compile a live photo album of your event. In fact, studies show that simply using a hashtag can double a post’s engagement.

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The Chloraprep Photo Mosaic Mural

The Chloraprep Photo Mosaic MuralWhen Chloraprep needed a centerpiece for their booth at the Infection Control Trade Show they turned to Picture Mosaics. This 15′ x 16′ photo mosaic mural was comprised of images of nurses and captured the attention of everyone that passed by the unique focal point. The photo mosaic was also incorporated into smaller posters and adverts to help bring an educational experience to the Chloraprep booth.


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