Live Event Photo Mosaics

with Hashtag & Onsite Photos

Live Print Mosaics
Live Print Mosaics™
Big mosaics make a big impact. Give your guests a hands-on experience they won’t soon forget. Hashtag and onsite photos are printed in seconds for guests or brand ambassadors to place on the photo mosaic wall.
Live Digital Mosaics
Live Digital Mosaics
Onsite, online, or both: Bring your fans, employees, or guests together a unique interactive and animated way. Each photo is analyzed for optimal placement, then inserted into the photo mosaic in real-time. Watching photos make their way into the mosaic is as much fun as submitting them.
The world’s first and only instant photo mosaic print solution. This all-in-one kiosk snaps a photo, analyzes it for colors and shapes, and prints out a personalized mosaic with your custom branding in less than 30 seconds.
Submission Options
  • Facebook Album Photo Selction
    Facebook Album
  • Facebook Profile Image
    Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Wall Post
    Facebook Wall Post
  • Facebook Hashtag
    Facebook Hashtag
  • Twitter Hashtag
    Twitter Hashtag
  • Instagram
    Instagram Hashtag
  • Snapchat
  • MMS
    MMS (text)
  • Email
  • Onsite Photographer
    Onsite Photographer
  • Photo Booth
    Photo Booth
  • Smart Phone
    Mobile iOS/Android
  • Smart Phone
    Stylus Signatures
  • Smart Phone
    iPad Photo Kiosk
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plug and play photo mosaic event box
Above: Our new plug-n-play rentable real-time mosaic box