Cutting Edge Mosaic Technology

Photo Mosaic Technology We have created state of the art software and techniques to produce the very best photo mosaics possible. One of the keys behind our software is that our Adaptive Regions™. Among the other unique and proprietary algorithms, S.M.A.R.T™ (Simultaneous Multi-compare Adaptive Rendering Technology) adapts the the cell grid depending on the main source image and cells, as such we can create the clearest and vivid mosaics WITHOUT superimposing, ghosting, or using large amounts of cell colorization.

Many other mosaic companies and software cheat by superimposing or "ghost" the source image on top of the mosaic or add excess amounts of colorization; this creates a fake or untrue mosaic. We are continually making advances and upgrades to our mosaic algorithms.

Color & Shape Analysis using S.M.A.R.T™

Adaptive Regions™ is a sub-program of our Simultaneous Multi-compare Adaptive Rendering Technology (S.M.A.R.T™). Using a dual processing technique to analyze photos for colors and shapes, we can place each photo in its optimal location for the best overall appearance.


Our software and design techniques allow us to work on the most important parts of the mosaic first. We define and optimize each mosaic for faces, important features, text, and logos to retain their clarity in the finished photo mosaic. In other words, a blue sky background is less important than the foreground subjects; our software can make these important decisions to ensure the cells are first used in these areas and not swapped for less important areas in the mosaic.
Photo Mosaic Target Image
Photo Mosaic Region Optimization
Resulting Photo Mosaic
Source Image
Important regions will be optimized first
Important aspects analyzed and completed first

Optimal Grid Sizing (O.G.S)

Instead of dividing your source image into strict "tiles" or "squares" as most other mosaic software programs do, we divide the image into "soft zones" which is the core concept of our aforementioned Adaptive Regions™. This unique and groundbreaking concept allows us to adaptively optimize the placement of each photo within your personalized mosaic depending on your the source image and the important aspects within it all without sacrificing cell size. This allows faces, important features, text, and logos to be as clear as possible all without making the cell images too small.
Photo Mosaic with small cells
Photo Mosaic acturate cell size
Photo Mosaic with large cells

Premium High Resolution Printers

We use state-of-the-art, large format printers along with specially selected print media to ensure the best clarity and quality. Our production facility is mostly Epson and Canon-based and features only the most high-end equipment offered by these companies. What is the point of a mosaic if all of the cell images are pixelated or blurry? Mosaic rendering technology and print technology are equally important.
Our print resolution ranges from 2880 to 4800+ dpi (dots per inch).

From Mobile to Murals, Instantly!

Offering the widest variety of photo mosaic design options. We’ve created everything from world record-breaking photo mosaics, Times Square billboards, Jumbo Jet plane wraps, to small book and magazine covers. Better yet, most of these amazing creations are available using our free and instant Online Mosaic Tool.

Online & Interactive

Virtual Photo Mosaic
We have engineered the very best social fan mosaics that bring the people together around a brand or cause. Uniting people has never been this meaningful or engaging.

Video Mosaics

Built from the ground with numerous plugins for high end video tools, these high energy and dynamic mosaic videos can deliver that wow factor.

Event Mosaics

Event Photo Mosaics
We have pioneered real-time event mosaics. Visitor engagement and participation are at the heart of this technology - making impressions that last.