Mosaics By The Plateful

Molly Hatch Ceramic Saucer Mosaics

When most people hear the word “mosaics,” they think of ceramic and glass shards pieced together to construct a larger work of art. Note that I said “shards” of glass and ceramic. I recently came across an artist whose work turns this mosaic concept on its head. Massachusetts artist Molly Hatch creates sprawling, loosely tiled mosaics using handmade painted saucers and dishes.

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Pixel Mosaics from Pantone Swatches

I’ve posted about artists who re-work classic pieces of art with a fresh perspective, breathing new life into images we’ve surely seen dozens of times. I especially like it when artists incorporate mosaics into their approach. Nick Smith is a London-based visual artist and interior designer who focuses mostly on screen printing and has most recently created a series of work using Pantone color swatches.

Nick Smith Pantone Swatch Mosaics


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