New Mosaic Concepts

We are constantly re-inventing what is possible in the world of mosaics. From internal born concepts to client inspired ideas, we continue to push the boundaries of this unique artistic genre. If you are looking for a fresh new concept or have something new in mind, please contact us.
Featured Concept 1: The Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic
In an effort equal to its magical intrigue, we present to you the first in our Masterpiece Mosaic Collection: The Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic. One brush stoke at a time, one painting at a time, 30 acrylic paintings were skillfully created over a span of several weeks. Please enjoy this video short and be sure to click through to read more about this awe-inspiring masterpiece mosaic.
  • Learn more about The Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic
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Featured Concept 2: The Multi-Size Mosaic
This new type of mosaic technology allows us to create mosaics with new depth and vividness which was never before possible. The end result: Super wow factor.
Examples: Click here see more Multi-Size Mosaics
Featured Concept 3: The Multi-Size Text Mosaic
Influenced from our Multi-size concept we pushed text based mosaics to the next level. With the ability to vary the sizes of the words, the resulting image can convey a very powerful message. A multi-size text mosaic is worth more than a million words.
Examples: Click here see more text based mosaics

Although we try to publish new concepts to our website on a regular basis, we do keep certain ideas internal due to alpha/beta development. If you have a new concept or are looking for some thing that is has never been done before, please contact us and we can let you in on some of our beta photo mosaic development!
To see what we've been working on, contact us:
Send an email: projects(at)picturemosaics(dot)com
Or call us at:
toll free: 866-99-MOSAIC (866-996-6724)
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business hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm M-F EST
In addition to discussing your project over the phone or in person, we recommended sending us an email with your project specification, ideas, or concepts. Having these requirements in writing can help reduce confusion on both sides. We look forward to helping you create your unique mosaic concept.