What makes a TRUE mosaic?

True Photo Mosaic Technology

As we continue to push the boundaries of photo mosaics technology, we are always intrigued by what other companies and software solutions offer. As you may come to learn, an overwhelming number of mosaic companies tend to use cheap methods,

resulting in fake or "untrue" mosaics. This has kept us motivated to always create "true" photo mosaics.

So, what is a true photo mosaic? We’ve listed of five essential, must have elements to create true mosaics with that WOW factor.

No Source Image "Ghosting"

A true mosaic will utilize the colors and shapes within each cell photo to properly recreate the source image. A cheap workaround, called source ghosting, is to superimpose the source image on top of the mosaic. This cheap method results in a fake mosaic, and it shows - take a close look before you choose your photo mosaic solution!

Minimal Colorization or Color Shifting

Colorization is the process of altering or merging the colors of the source image into the cells to more. This can muddy the cells images. A true mosaic will use little to no colorization, and if you have to choose, color shifting is a much better option. Color Shifting is where the entire photo color gamut is slightly shifted, which tends to be less noticeable. Color shifting may sometimes be necessary, but we’ve carefully developed our mosaic software, using AI, to avoid using color shifting whenever possible.

Large Cells

Choosing the optimal cell size will help reach the best possible photo mosaic result. The cells should be large enough to be easily seen with the naked eye without compromising the clarity of the original source image.

Proper Placement of Cell Images

Each cell image should be properly cropped, aligned, and placed in its most fitting location within the mosaic. Cells should never be stretched or forced into a less-than-optimal location. Our software is specially designed to properly place each cell image, giving the final mosaic spectacular clarity.

Highest Possible Printing Resolution

The small detail of the cell images requires a high print resolution in order to be retain clarity. Using the highest quality paper and inks, our photo mosaics are printed at 2,880+ dpi on our state-of-the-art Epson large format printers.