Nothing has more of a wow factor than a photo mosaic that is bigger than you. Taking in such a large composition of photos makes an impression that not many artistic genres can accomplish. We have created software and configured our equipment to handle the demands of these extremely large mosaics so that resolution, detail, and vividness are not compromised.
Key Features:
  • Supports 900 to 5 million+ photos or videos
  • Full pan and zoom exploring
  • Advanced interactive, social, viral widgets
  • Responsive desktop and mobile experiences
  • In-depth analytics and custom reporting
  • Photo review and moderation tools
  • This platform is great for onsite events and conferences
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Size Guidelines
Option A
For mosaics equal or smaller than 44'' in width by any length.

Choice Of:
  • Heavy Weight Premium Luster Photo Paper
  • Premium Matte Canvas
  • Ultra-Smooth Matte Vinyl
  • Smart-Flex Repositionable Adhesive Matte Vinyl for maximum resolution and clarity

Option B
For mosaics larger than 44'' by any length, we have two sub-options:

Photo Tiling (2880 dpi)
This option is recommended for mosaics that will be viewed up-close (1 foot and less) to 200+ feet away.
We will provide you with borderless 44" high resolution tiles which you can simply place side by side (see above). Of the many premium media options available, our most popular options are smart-flex repositionable adhesive matte vinyl, ultra-smooth matte vinyl, and heavy weight luster photo paper, all which offer superior clarity.

*These premium media types can only be up to 44" in width (manufacturer limit).

Vinyl (one piece) (200 ~ 300 dpi)
This option is recommended for mosaics that will be viewed from 2 feet to 200+ feet away. Vinyl is great for large prints, however, ultra-wide format printers can not print at high dpi values and therefore clarity is slightly compromised. Unless the cell photos are large (greater than 1 inch wide), these large one-piece vinyl murals are not recommend for up-close viewing.

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