The “First Cheerios” Photo Mosaic

Cheerios has been a household name for years. So, when they contacted us about creating a fan-driven online photo mosaic, we were more than thrilled! Using a modified version of our interactive mosaic platform*, Cheerios asks parents across Canada to share photos of that special moment when their child enjoys their “First Cheerios.” Parents can upload photos directly from their Facebook album or local PC in a simple Facebook tab.

cheerios photo mosaic

The “First Cheerios” online photo mosaic

Not only are photos featured in the mosaic, but the user also receives a $1.00 off coupon after their submission is complete. Photos are shared through Facebook by the click of a button. Our dynamic “pop-out” animation showcases individual photos at random, bringing them out of the photo mosaic for a detailed view with their photo caption.

Cheerios photo mosaic box

The Cheerios photo mosaic printed on the box

Adding to the excitement, each year the completed mosaic will be printed on a limited edition Cheerios box and shipped to stores. Kicking off their third consecutive year, keep an eye out for next year’s Cheerios mosaic box!



*At the request of the client, searching, zooming, and clicking of photos has been disabled. Nevertheless, users are able to locate their photos with a “Find my photos” button.