About Picture Mosaics

"By combining ninja-like design ingenuity with the most advanced mosaic technology, we allow our clients to create amazing mosaics. Yeah!"

A note from our lead mosaic architect, Al Charpentier:

Guiness World Record Mosaic We've created thousands of mosaics throughout the past 15 years, spanning every genre imaginable. But what truly keeps us motivated to be better designers, artists, and engineers is the enthusiastic and positive feedback we receive from our clients. We started this company with the goal of creating the best possible photo mosaics, having accomplished that across multiple genres, we are now focused on continued innovation and creativity to bring you more immersive ways to showcase your photos - the next big thing is coming...

Our Mission

To provide our clients with industry-leading mosaic solutions, customizable to suit their specific needs.
Picture Mosaics started in 2001 with the idea to bring the highest quality photo mosaics to the public. From there, our concept rapidly expanded to include mosaic puzzles, murals, HD and 4K video mosaics, real-time event activations, photo-by-photo mural builds, MosaicMe kiosks, online social & interactive mosaics, as well as a do-it-yourself Online Mosaic Tool and iOS app, allowing users to create their own photo mosaics using our advanced mosaic software. We even made it into the Guinness Book of World Record's Largest Photo Mosaic..
We see a photo mosaic as a genuine work of art, not simply a mathematical equation. By combining our design ingenuity with cutting edge mosaic technology and proprietary software, we take pride in creating the most stunning, true photo mosaics in the industry. But this is only the beginning - our team is dedicated to advancing the mosaic concept further where the limit is only our imagination.
A few of our recently nationally featured photo mosaics:
For more photo mosaic examples, click here

Our Team

Photo of Al Charpentier, Founder & CEO
Al Charpentier,
Founder & CEO
Photo of Joe Charpentier, VP of Engineering
Joe Charpentier,
VP of Engineering
Photo of Rob DeCarolis, Communications Director
Rob DeCarolis,
Communications Director
Photo of Geoff Rights, Software Engineer
Geoff Rights,
Software Engineer
Photo of Carl Weber, Customer Relations Director
Carl Weber,
Business Development
Photo of Kristen Raffaele, Lead Designer
Kristen Raffaele,
Lead Designer
Photo of Steve Graf, Lead Developer
Steve Graf,
Lead Developer
Photo of Liz Roche, Lead Designer
Liz Roche,
Lead Designer
Photo of Shane Roman, Lead Designer
Shane Roman,
Lead Designer
Photo of Karli Bolton, Account Executive
Karli Bolton,
Account Executive
Photo of Vlad Kravchuk, Event Project Manager
Vlad Kravchuk,
Event Project Manager
Photo of Anne Holyfield, System Admin
Anne Holyfield,
System Admin
Photo of Amy Miller, Lead Designer
Amy Miller,
Lead Designer
Photo of Ron Tiller, Software Engineer
Ron Tiller,
Software Engineer
Photo of Kate Gallagher, Designer
Kate Gallagher,
Photo of John Clarke, Marketing
John Clarke,

Our Location

Our design and development studio is located in the town of Blue Bell, PA, just outside Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. We don’t have a storefront, but we always welcome walk-ins and visitors. Come on by sometime!

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