Event Engagement 101: Live Virtual Mosaics

Whether it’s in-person or virtual, engaging your audience is the key to every successful event. Companies and organizations are always looking to grab the attention of their guests, but what’s the key to creating a memorable event? Our Live Virtual Mosaic platform is the perfect event engagement tool to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Seamlessly integrate the mosaic with any event platform (HopIn, Snapbar, Bevy, 6CONNEX, etc.) to elevate your event into a more engaging experience.

Live Virtual Photo Mosaics - The perfect event engagement tool

Here are just a few key features of our virtual photo mosaic platform:

Real-time true mosaic creation
Real-time color and shape analysis instantly finds the most optimal location for each photo for  true photo mosaic creation. We never using image overlaying or ‘ghosting’. Immediately after completing their submission, guests are amazed to watch as each photo is placed into the mosaic.

User-Friendly Photo & Video Upload flow
Each guest can personalize their submission by entering their name, email, and a caption that will be searchable in the mosaic. Add custom questions, prompts, dropdown menus, and more to personalize the user experience.

Advanced Searchability
For a fully immersive and engaging experience, the online photo mosaic is fully searchable. Simply type in a name or keyword to connect with and learn more about other guests at the event!

Custom Email Takeaways
After adding their submission, each guests receives a custom, branded email containing their photo. To close the loop, each email directly links to their photo in the mosaic because keeping your event top of mind is important.

Enhanced Social Sharing
Social media can be a crucial tool in helping spread the word about your campaign. By sharing their experience on social networks, the mosaic can become a viral sharing engine to spur further engagement.

There’s a whole toolkit full of additional features to maximize event engagement. Clickable pop-out animation, interactive photo/video carousels, photo favoriting/liking, and gamification options like a photo hunt contest or prize spot giveaways – the list goes on. For a deeper dive into the features of this platform, check out the video below.

To get started creating the perfect event engagement tool for your next meeting, get in touch with us today.!


Live Print Mosaic: ESPN X Games

For the 2020 Winter X Games, Picture Mosaics teamed up with the nonprofit No Bully to organize a Live Print Mosaic for their booth. Spectators and athletes came together to build a Live Print Mosaic in an effort to help spread the message to #ShredHate and #ChooseKindness!

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NEW! Do It Yourself Virtual Mosaic

Looking to create your own virtual mosaic? Picture Mosaics has expanded the Online Mosaic Tool to allow users to create their own embeddable virtual mosaic. Starting at just $0, users can add à la carte features to customize their virtual mosaic event and meet any budget. Continue reading

Indy 500 Photo Mosaic

On May 30, 1911, Ray Harroun would be the first ever winner of the Indy 500. Since the inaugural race, the Indianapolis 500 has always had an audience. This year’s pandemic broke that streak. On August 23, 2020 the Indy 500 ran with no audience. However, through a photo mosaic, fans of the Indy 500 were able to attend the race in a new way. Continue reading

The Mario Mosaic 2.0 – Online Interactive Photo Mosaic and Mural

In 2009, The Mario Lemieux Foundation contacted us to create a massive 20ft x 8ft photo mosaic mural in the Pittsburgh Penguins PPG Paints arena along with two interactive kiosk and an interactive online mosaic and kiosk. The Mario Mosaic was a great way to involve the community and help raise funds for cancer and neonatal research; it was a main attraction at the new hockey arena. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Picture Mosaics has teamed up with the foundation again to completely overhaul the mosaic mural, kiosks, and online mosaic.
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The DMAIG Photo Mosaic: Fighting Against Childhood Cancer

DMAIG Photo Mosaic Mural

Last year, Penn State’s Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group (DMAIG) contacted us with questions about creating an interactive fundraising campaign. They were looking for a way to rally support for the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) and their efforts to stop childhood cancer. The plan was to have the final photo mosaic printed and displayed at PSU main campus. It didn’t take long for our team to recommend our online & social interactive mosaic platform.

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Thanks, Obama: #TheStandingO Mosaic

As Barack Obama’s historic presidency came to a close, Picture Mosaics helped orchestrate an interactive experience for Obama’s fans to say thank you. The goal was to allow each supporter to show their appreciation, while coming together as a whole to say “Thanks, Obama” in what will be the largest digital standing ovation in history – #TheStandingO.

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