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A few of our recently nationally featured photo mosaics:
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True photo mosaic design without bounds...

In search of that true photo mosaic in a class all its own? You've found the place!

We have recently launched our Free Online Photo Mosaic Tool. This online app leverages our industry leading photo mosaic software along with some great easy to use, do-it-yourself features. You can use photos from any device, PC, Facebook album, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, or Google+. If you have a few minutes, be sure to give it a try!

Do it yourself is not for everyone, nor does it allow advanced mosaic styles or concepts. So whatever mosaic idea you can dream of, Picture Mosaics' designers and developers will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We are consistently working with a wide range of clients, from people like you in need of the perfect gift to Fortune 500 Companies looking to bring together their fans or employees together in a social and interactive way. Our main goal is to help you design what will surely be a striking photo mosaic work of art!

Take some time to browse through our photo mosaic gallery, perhaps you'll be inspired to create your own mosaic design; the possibilities are endless! Feel free to contact us with any mosaic ideas you might not find on our site, it's likely that we have a similar design on file that has not yet been displayed. If not, our software is more than capable of being customized to form your unique design concept.

We strive to evolve the mosaic concept in a variety of ways. Our recent development of Social and Interactive Mosaics has combined photos with individuals, yielding truly artistic results while bringing together people from all over the world. This is merely the tip of the iceberg for social mosaics as we continue to reach out to people across the globe, creating worldwide communities through photographs.

When it comes to mosaic design, we consider the even balance between our software and creative artistic design to be the highest priority. In order to design a truly spectacular photo mosaic with that "wow" factor, equal consideration must be given to the software as well as the knowledge and understanding of the advanced design techniques possessed by our designers. We believe the creation of a photo mosaic to be a genuine art form, not just the outcome of a mathematical equation.

A note from our lead mosaic architect, Albert Charpentier:
We've designed thousands of custom mosaics throughout the past 15 years, which span every genre available. What's more remarkable is the amount of positive feedback we receive from clients on a daily basis in regard to each individual mosaic we've created. These enthusiastic reactions are what keep us motivated to be better designers, engineers, and artists. It all began in 2001 with the concept to create the best possible mosaics. As we continue to evolve and improve our state-of-the-art mosaic software and design techniques, we are simultaneously pushing the mosaic concept further in every possible multimedia genre. We are thrilled to introduce new and extraordinary mosaic techniques, spectacular HD mosaic animation, as well as our new Social & Interactive Mosaic Platform 5.0 with full html5 support. Thank you for your interest in our efforts to bring you the best and most exciting photo mosaics available.