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Super algorithms creating TRUE mosaics. Prints at 2880+ dpi with the highest quality paper and ink.

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Prints, murals, videos, virtual activations, and more. Check out our latest mosaic concepts.

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True Photo Mosaics Without Bounds...

In 2001, a full 20 years ago, our award winning software helped usher in the digital photo age. Using our unique approach and ever evolving software, we help drive the photo mosaic industry to what it is today.

We have come a long way from our initial offering of just personalized photo mosaic prints. Fast forward to 2021, and our technology leads the way for online, onsite and virtual mosaic event activations.

Our diverse product offering ranges from photo mosaic prints and murals to videos and animations to online interactive virutual mosaic fan campaigns and wow-factor event activations.

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Although the mosaic concept dates back thousands of years, our industry leading photo mosaic solutions are continuing to advance and push the boundaries. For instance, our Live Sketch Mosaics and Mirror Mosaics leveraging machine learning and AI to allow an unforgettable experience and a unique personalized art installation, all in real-time.

Our Live Print Mosaics and Live Virtual Mosaics also push the envelope of engagement and ROI, not to mention how they create stunning one-of-a-kind art live at your event.

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With all of this cutting edge photo mosaic technology, creating automated systems to allow you and your team to build and create on your own. Our Online Mosaic Tool and Our Live Print Mosaic Portal, put you in the driver’s seat and offer a low cost option to facilitate breathtaking mosaic creations, dynamic mosaic videos, or even a live event or virtual mosaic experience, all without any intervention from our design and development team.

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If our DIY tools do not quite fit your needs, not to worry! We will have our team build out your custom project to fit your requirements whether it be for an online and social campaign, and engaging event activation, or a unique digital interactive experience.

At the core of all this technology is our mosaic analysis and placement software. Each year our software continues to be engineered to become smarter, quicker, and more flexible. Leveraging machine learning and AI, we have further pushed the envelope of our platform.

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A note from our CEO, Albert Charpentier:
I remember purchasing my first digital camera back in 1998, a whole one megapixel, and quickly amassing thousands of photos. It became clear that there had to be some way to showcase all of these photos instead of having them collect digital dust on my hard drive. The first few years we worked hard on developing the very best mosaic software and Picture Mosaics was born. Those sleepless nights paid off and produced catalyst for all of our products and solutions today. Whether working with one of the Fortune 500 companies on a global activation or on a daughter’s surprise gift to her mother, each day presents new challenges which in turn drives our technology forward. And although that is fulfilling in itself, the lives that we touch and stories our mosaic become part of is really what this all worthwhile.

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