SketchBot at IAAPA 2023

Enjoyed meeting everyone at this years’ IAAPA in Orlando. Our SketchBots created more than 2,500 portraits over the four-day show!


For those that were unable to attend or stop by our booth, we showcased SketchBot, the original AI robotic artist. Our SketchBot system takes users’ photos and converts them into a line drawing which is then sketched out by one of our robotic arms on a customized takeaway.

With remarkable accuracy and speed, our SketchBot system can elevate any venue or event with a new enhanced engagement and form of entertainment. You can learn more at the SketchBot website.

Sketchbot at IAAPA 2023

How are we different from other robotic sketch arms?

    • The original and only A.I. robot in the world that can artistically sketch portraits in less than 50 seconds
    • More accuracy and detail
    • Over 6000 portraits (and counting) sketched by our digital artist to train the SketchBots.
    • Backed by 20 years of engaging and interactive photo experiences
    • Ability to link multiple SketchBots together for larger audiences
    • Synchronized dancing when not sketching

Sketchbot at IAAPA 2023


Why is the speed of our SketchBot important?

If they took twice as long, you’d need twice the number of Bots, and need to maintain more equipment. Also, our studies have shown that guests and patrons do not want to wait more than 60 seconds for their sketch (or really anything).


Can this experience be monetized?

Of course! Due to the uniqueness of this activation, we have seen clients charge up to $4.99 per sketch. At an event the size and duration of IAAPA, you could easily make over $12,000.



We are actively working on new Ai models, and are currently in the midst of a 6 month re-training cycle, in which we hope to improve accuracy and detail, while ensuring that the drawing time remains unchanged. We are also currently looking into additional ways to enhance the sketch to make the most memorable experience.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend or stop by our booth, send us a message to learn more about the original AI robotic artist, SketchBot!

Contact us today for more information!