Live Digital Mosaic: Amazon Fresh

To celebrate the grand opening of the new Amazon Fresh in Warrington, PA, the store engaged each guest with a variety of activities before entering, including a Live Digital Mosaic.

Live Digital Mosaic: Amazon FreshLive Digital Mosaic: Amazon FreshLive Digital Mosaic: Amazon FreshLive Digital Mosaic: Amazon FreshLive Digital Mosaic: Amazon FreshLive Digital Mosaic: Amazon Fresh

Prior to entering the Amazon Fresh store, guests stopped by to add their photo to the official Amazon Fresh Live Digital Mosaic. This fully interactive experience allowed users to get their photo taken onsite and then receive a branded email featuring their photo with social sharing options. Once the photo was submitted users could watch their photo appear on the screen and fall into their official spot in the mosaic. While users were engaged with the animation, their custom branded 4×6 photo was printed as a takeaway.

To add variety to the mosaic, guests were photographed in front of a green screen background, then were able to choose one of six Amazon Fresh branded backgrounds. Guests loved choosing the background that virtually placed them in the produce aisle of Amazon Fresh! 

Over the four-day event, everyone was excited to get involved and even returned multiple times to snap a new picture and to show others where their photo was in the mosaic!


Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

Live Digital Mosaic

  • Guests’ photos were taken and instantly analyzed for optimal placement within the digital interactive mosaic, then inserted in real-time right on screen
  • A dynamic animation randomly showcased all photos in the mosaic in a “pop-n, pop-out” fashion and shows photos submitted in real-time.

Submission Options – Where the photos came from – 

Onsite Photographer

  • Picture Mosaics provided a brand ambassador to capture guest photos in real-time
  • Green screen backdrop provided

Digital Enhancements – The exciting extras

Onsite Tech Support and Build Team

  • Dedicated event staff can place submitted photo tiles into the mural
  • Proper testing and setup prior to live event
  • Onsite technical support and configuration as needed

Branded Photo Take-aways

  • High-resolution 4×6 print with branding printed instantly for attendees


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