Social, interactive, and animated

Live Digital Mosaics are unique way for fans, customers, or employees to interact not only with your brand, but also with each other. Photos are submitted onsite, online or through a hashtag, and are analyzed in real-time to find the most optimal place in the digital photo mosaic. Live content submission includes live photography, AR background placement via AI, green screen background replacement, selfie capture, hashtags and live social media photo aggregation, lead capture and so much more.
Looking for an ONLINE INTERACTIVE MOSAIC instead?
Key Features:
  • Supports 100 to 10,000+ photos
  • Onsite photo apps and photography options
  • Instagram & Twitter hashtag submissions
  • Custom dynamic animations and fun prize locations
  • Enhanced sharing through social networks
  • In-depth metrics and analytics reporting
  • Backend photo moderation tools
More Information and helpful links:
Featured Events & Examples
Submission Options
  • Facebook Album
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Wall Post
  • Facebook Hashtag
  • Twitter Hashtag
  • Instagram Hashtag
  • Snapchat
  • MMS (text)
  • Email
  • Onsite Photographer
  • Photo Booth
  • Mobile iOS/Android
  • Stylus Signatures
  • iPad Photo Kiosk

Standalone plug-n-play system

Online, real-time streaming solution

Staffed with onsite tech & photographer(s)

An all-in-one option allowing you to simply plug in, power up, and start creating a real-time photo mosaic. Pre-configured and customized to the specific needs of your event.
Online, interactive microsite where users can upload their photos, explore the mosaic, and share the experience through social networks.
Picture Mosaics technicians and/or photographers can be onsite to drive the digital mosaic activation and keep it running smoothly.
More Insight
As leaders of interactive mosaic-based solutions for 20 years and counting, we're always looking for new methods, and reevaluating old standards of audience engagement. With this in mind, we've created a digital mosaic platform expertly engineered to keep your audience engaged. Whether remotely or in-person, our digital mosaic platform is perfect for a wide variety of events: conferences, sales meetings, corporate anniversaries, fundraisers, graduations, reunions, commencement ceremonies, and much more.

"Digital mosaics are key to engaging your audience, but can also live on long after the event is over." -Al Charpentier, Director

Our digital mosaic software provides an authentic and engaging experience second to none. Organizations are now able to reach their target audience through a groundbreaking mosaic-based experience while bringing people together to create something bigger. We've engineered several interactive and social add-on widgets that encourage sharing of both the digital mosaic, their photo, and any specific messaging/branding.

Versatility is key: our digital mosaics are available through do-it-yourself tools or full turnkey packages. Our enthusiastic team of graphic designers, web developers, and software engineers can help build the perfect virtual photo mosaic activation and asset to fit your needs.