Try it today: Our Online Mosaic Tool

A few months ago, I made a post about our online mosaic tool that’s been in the works. This week, we’re super excited to announce that it’s ready to go! Developed by the Picture Mosaics team over the last 12+ years, we’ve made our online mosaic tool simple to use and capable of creating the best possible photo mosaics.

Picture Mosaics | Online Mosaic Tool

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A Photo Mosaic For The Ages

In an interesting combination of time-lapse photography and photo mosaic design, UK-based photographer Noel Myles creates remarkable works of art. Nearly 15 years ago, Myles created black and white platinum/palladium prints of trees throughout the eastern part of the English countryside. A decade after that, he photographed the trees in color. By “cutting and pasting” these photos together, he creates a sort of time-lapse photo mosaic of each tree. He refers to them as “still films.”

Noel Myles time-lapse photo mosaic

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Digital Interactive Mosaic Event: GettysburGreat Fundraiser

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