Online Social & Interactive Mosaics

The web is in a constant state of evolution, giving us new ways to be social, interactive, and engaging on a worldwide scale. This continuous transformation has led us in the development of our Social & Interactive Mosaic Platform. With the advent of this new and exciting social platform, combined with our state-of-the-art photo mosaic software, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, we are not just creating an engaging activation, but a real asset that can be leveraged in countless ways.
Driven by desktop, mobile, and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc), this exclusive platform has won many "most viral" awards. Organizations now are able to engage their online visitors in a unique mosaic-based experience, uniting audiences and leaving an unforgettable impression. We have engineered several interactive and social add-on widgets that encourage sharing of both the mosaic and the photos within the mosaic; in other words, once a critical mass of photos has been achieved, the mosaic will take on a life of its own with users propelling more traffic and participation. These industry-first tools drive the photo mosaic activation to new levels of interactivity.
Our dedicated team can offer a turnkey solution, however several embeddable and API solutions also exits. We have an enthusiastic team of graphic designers, web developers, and software engineers to help build the mosaic activation and asset that you are looking for.

Two Great Interactive Platforms

Option 1:
Full Featured Semi Real-time Mosaics
Platform: ZIMP 6.0 (Zoomable Interactive Mosaic Platform)
  • Supports 900 to 5 million+ photos or videos
  • Full pan and zoom exploring
  • Search and locate with photo tour
  • Advanced interactive, social, viral widgets
  • Multiple photo submission options
  • Responsive desktop and mobile experiences
  • In-depth analytics‎ and custom reporting
  • Photo review and moderation tools
  • And more...
Below are examples and demos for our Social & Interactive Mosaic Platform (ZIMP and RISM). Be sure to visit a few and explore the exciting capabilities.
Option 2:
Short Run Real-time Mosaics
Platform: RISM 3.0 (Real-time Interactive Streaming Mosaic)
  • Supports 900 to 9,000 photos; 15,000+ with FIFO
  • Hover and click exploring
  • Search and locate
  • Basic social sharing features
  • Multiple photo submission options
  • Responsive desktop and mobile experiences
  • In-depth analytics‎ and custom reporting
  • Photo review and moderation tools
  • And more...
Along with online activations, this platform is great for onsite events and conferences.
For more information download the following PDFs:
Submission Options
  • Facebook Album
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Wall Post
  • Facebook Hashtag
  • Twitter Hashtag
  • Instagram Hashtag
  • PC or Mac
  • MMS (text)
  • Email
  • Onsite Photographer
  • Photo Booth
  • Mobile iOS/Android
Featured Client Mosaic Activations: Zoomable Interactive Mosaic Platform (ZIMP) 4.0, 5.0, & 6.0
Featured Fundraising Activations: ZIMP & RISM platforms
Featured Real-time Interactive Streaming Activations (RISM platform 3.0)
Real-time Streaming Animations & Demos
We also offer live, streaming mosaics targeted for conferences, conventions, parties, and high-traffic areas. These unique, live-building mosaics are a great way to get everyone involved and can be displayed on large HD LCD/Plasma TVs ranging from 50 inches to 100+ feet in size. Check out our trade show & events page for examples of recent mosaic events, or select any of the four experiences below for demonstrations.
real-time photo mosaic event demo
real-time photo mosaic event demo
photo mosaic build animation demo
photo mosaic pop-out animation demo
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In addition to discussing your project over the phone or in person, we recommended sending us an email with your project specification, ideas, or concepts. Having these requirements in writing can help reduce confusion on both sides. We look forward to helping you create your unique mosaic concept.