Over the past 10 years our platform has proven to be 100x
than any other platform. Period.
-Al Charpentier, Chief Architect
Picture Mosaics has engineered the only solution in the world that is capable of live TRUE photo mosaics focused on interactivity, engagement and participation. Over the last 10 years, we have test and re-tested what works and what doesn't. With all of this knowledge, experience and technology, our photo mosaic platform has proven to be 100x more successful, engaging, and participatory than any other online mosaic platform. We haven't stopped innovating, and as a result, photo mosaics that we launch today in 2024 are performing even better than last year.

Optimized for large and small activations alike, there is not another solution to unite an audience in a more interactive, social, and artful way. With pricing and packages starting at $0, what are you waiting for?
Key Features:
  • The only solution that creates TRUE mosaics. Learn More
  • Two great platforms: AMP or HOVER+CLICK
  • Supports 100 to 1,000,000+ photos or videos
  • Submission flow and hashtag support
  • Advanced search and 20+ engaging features
  • Responsive desktop and mobile experiences
  • Perfect for any budget: Pricing starts at $0
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More Insight
The web is in a constant state of evolution, giving us new ways to be social, interactive, and engaging on a worldwide scale. In 2008, we launched our first fully interactive online photo mosaic experience and have not looked back. Technologies and behaviors have changed, and our two platforms have adapted and transformed to take advantage of these technologies and behaviors. Fast forward to today, our Online Social & Interactive Photo Mosaic platforms still continue to lead the way as the best way to engage an audience with a unique artistic, social and interactive spin.

"We are not just creating an engaging activation, but a real asset that can be leveraged in countless ways." -Al Charpentier, Director

Driven by desktop, mobile, and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc), this exclusive platform has won many "most viral" awards. Organizations now are able to engage their online visitors in a unique mosaic-based experience, uniting audiences and leaving an unforgettable impression. We have engineered several interactive and social add-on widgets that encourage sharing of both the mosaic and the photos within the mosaic; in other words, once a critical mass of photos has been achieved, the mosaic will take on a life of its own with users propelling more traffic and participation. These industry-first tools drive the photo mosaic activation to new levels of interactivity.

Our dedicated team can offer a turnkey solution, however several embeddable and API solutions also exits. We have an enthusiastic team of graphic designers, web developers, and software engineers to help build the photo mosaic activation and asset that you are looking for.
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