What if you could the combine imagination and inspiration of your guests and your brand in an amazing one-of-a-kind mosaic experience – Enter Live Ai Mosaics. Leveraging our brand new AiMAE (Ai Mosaic Art Engine), generating hundreds (or thousands) of stunning unique Ai art creations is like nothing you ever seen before. The live Ai art experience creates the perfect on-brand photo mosaic, that has zero colorization and zero overlays. You have to see it to believe it.
Photo Placement
  • Truly unique artwork inspired by your guests' keywords, phrases or prompts and your branding + messaging.
  • Proprietary Ai mosaic system builds your guest's unique artwork in stunning detail and vividness
  • Ai artwork prints within seconds for the guest to place on the wall
  • Print sizes range from 2”x2” to 4”x4”
  • Zero colorization or overlays - 100% TRUE mosaic creation
  • Digital sharable takeaways via email or text
  • Learn how it works here
Featured Ai Photo Mosaics
Hobbies in Space
Ai Mashup Mosaic: User hobbies and interests combined to represent NASA and Space.
Ai Mashup Mosaic: Images generated by Ai of user-submitted hobbies in fantastical settings.
Ai Mashup Mosaic: Gatorade's message of 'Win From Within' supported by the power of athletes.
Ai Mashup Mosaic: Exotic locations, both real and imagined, create exciting travel theme.
Ai Portrait Mosaic: The power of Ai reveals the superhero within each of us.
Ai Portrait Mosaic: Transforming your team into dazzling rockstars one person at a time.