Testimonials (what a few of our clients had to say)

“We're proud to have created something special that connected people far and wide. Thanks to this amazing technology, we were able to create a collaborative work of art that will live on to represent our brand. Super happy with Picture Mosaics, they were very helpful every step of the way in making sure we had a great campaign. Thanks again!”
Talia Q. - UBS
Online Interactive Mosaic: Zoom Pro
“With alums all over the world unable to travel and gather in person, a virtual mosaic was exactly what we were looking for. Everyone was able to be part of the mosaic and reconnect in such a fun and exciting way.”
Jasmine K. - Rutgers University
Virtual Mosaic
“Thanks again for all the help on this interactive mosaic project. It was fun and successful for our whole team, which we couldn't have done without Picture Mosaics. This mosaic will serve as an online evergreen to represent our company for years to come. Thanks!”
Brian M. - VMware
Online Interactive Mosaic: Zoom Pro
“We can't thank you enough for all the help with pivoting from an onsite event to virtual. The mosaic was a hit, everyone loved it! We've worked with other mosaic providers in the past but none came anywhere near your level of quality and support.”
Brittany A. - LexisNexis
Virtual Mosaic
“I have to say that I'm almost overcome with excitement about this mosaic. What started out seeming like a longshot, something a whole community could get excited about and be proud of, turned out to exceed our expectations! I can't believe how easy it was to use the tool, and your how-to videos combined with your excellent customer service made for a pleasantly smooth event. We will definitely be back for more!”
Erika J. - St. Mary's Medical Center
Online Interactive Mosiac: Zoom Lite
“The mosaic looked so good and it was so great working with you! Our guests were amazed to see their photo tile print out seconds after it was taken. A huge crowd pleaser and definitely the highlight of the event. We look forward to doing another mosaic with you in the future!”
Omar K. - Nissan
Live Print Mosaic (Staffed)
“The live print mosaic kit was super easy to use right out of the box. The Picture Mosaics gave us a remote training session before our conference and were available on-call during the event. The attendees were blown away by the final mosaic - they couldn't believe the entire mural was made of small photo tiles! We can't wait until our next mosaic.”
Emma O. - Lidl
Live Print Mosaic (Lease)
“SO easy and really fun! The fans were so excited to get involved and help build the mosaic together. Big thanks to the onsite Picture Mosaics team for such a hassle-free event!”
Preeya M. - Texas Longhorns
Live Print Mosaic (Staffed)
“The digital mosaic really helped our team connect at the grand opening for our new studio. The fact that someone could have their photo taken then watch it appear on the screen in just a few seconds really created some fantastic buzz.”
David D. - Nickelodeon
Live Digital Mosaic (Staffed)
“Picture Mosaics did a GREAT job! They had wonderful communication and extremely fast turn around time! We presented this to my brother and his wife with all the tiny pictures being of their children and grandchildren for their anniversary. Everyone loved it!”
R.G.N. -
Springdale, AR
“After weeks of trying to create my own mosaic through internet software I downloaded, I gave up. I only wish I tried Picture Mosaics first. Great job! Thinking about ordering another one.”
Bill W. -
Harrisburg, PA
“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the picture mosaic you created. We framed it and hung it in the school for a week before our auction. The children really enjoyed searching for their pictures in the large image of the school crest. They couldn't believe that every child in the school was in the mosaic. We made more than $2,000 on this project. Thank you very much.”
Lydia P. -
Dallas, TX