Testimonials (what a few of our clients had to say)

“Picture Mosaics did a GREAT job! They had wonderful communication and extremely fast turn around time! We presented this to my brother and his wife with all the tiny pictures being of their children and grandchildren for their anniversary. Everyone loved it!”
Springdale, AR
“After weeks of trying to create my own mosaic through internet software I downloaded, I gave up. I only wish I tried Picture Mosaics first. Great job! Thinking about ordering another one.”
-Bill W. 
Harrisburg, PA
“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the picture mosaic you created. We framed it and hung it in the school for a week before our auction. The children really enjoyed searching for their pictures in the large image of the school crest. They couldn't believe that every child in the school was in the mosaic. We made more than $2,000 on this project. Thank you very much.”
-Lydia P. 
Dallas, TX
“Great customer service. All my questions were answered quickly. The final product was amazing. I highly recommend Picture Mosaics to anyone!”
-Jen P. 
Grand Rapids, MI
“Amazing quality! I was actually able to take a magnifying glass and see even more detail inside the cell pictures…amazing stuff. I have it hanging in my family room; everyone that sees it is amazed.”
-Brian M. 
Austin, TX
“I ordered one for my parents 25th anniversary. They absolutely love it! It was the talk of the party. A great gift!”
-Trish L. 
Columbus, OH
“I had all of these pictures from our family vacation to the Caribbean just laying around. This was perfect way to keep them out of the shoe box. Wonderful work guys…I love my Picture Mosaic!”
-Jane K. 
Savannah, GA
“At first I was skeptical about how great my mosaic was going to turn out, but after receiving it, I was very impressed about how well it came out. I quickly had it framed, and it now hangs in our foyer.”
-Michelle G. 
Cambridge, MA
“I had all of these pictures just sitting on my hard drive (from my digital camera). What a great idea. Now people can actually see all of my pictures without sitting at my computer. Wish I would have bought one sooner”
-Tom C. 
Wilmington, DE
“After I graduated from Duke University, I had hundreds of pictures. I now have the mosaic hanging in my office (the mosaic is of the Duke logo)…whenever I want to escape to those wonderful years of college, I can simply stare into the hundreds of pictures. It seems every time I look, I find a new picture I have forgot about. I love my mosaic…go Blue Devils!”
-Mary G. 
Charleston, SC
“Can’t imagine anything better. You guys really know what you’re doing. I would have paid triple the price.”
-Gill D. 
Miami, FL