Dogs of Derse Online Mosaic

Check out the ‘Dogs of Derse‘ Online Mosaic’! To celebrate all the wonderful dogs at Derse, employees were asked to submit some of their favorite photos of their dog to add to the ‘Dogs of Derse’ mosaic. 

The team at Derse has a fun tradition of showing off their dogs at the annual Derse Dog Day; where employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work. 


Employees could submit photos or videos of their dogs; share their nicknames and which office they are in. They also took advantage of several other interactive features.


Dogs of Derse Online Mosaic


    • Pan & Zoom Embeddable Online Mosaic
    • Click To Enlarge Photo
    • Search Mosaic
    • Click & Learn
    • Enhanced Photo Sharing
    • PopOut Animation 
    • Photo Submission Flow
    • Photo Moderation
    • Auto or Manual Mosaic updates
    • Trending Photos
    • Commenting and Hearting
    • Photo Hunt Contest
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Dogs of Derse Online Mosaic

The mosaic brought their team together in a new way, was fun to create, and gave them a lasting image of all their best friends in one place. 

“Everyone has been having a blast putting pictures in and exploring the mosaic. I’ve gotten some great feedback from every division!” Theresa Starceski (she/her)
Customer Experience (CX) & Events Producer at Derse

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