Live Print Mosaics: Lease & Purchase Opportunities

You may already know that Live Print Mosaics will take your event to the next level by spreading social reach, generating buzz and boosting engagement, but now we are letting you take the reigns and drive the photo mosaic system with Picture Mosaics providing everything you need to make your activation successful.

Live Print Mosaics


That’s right, now you can lease or purchase a fully configured, plug-n-play version of our wildly popular Live Print Mosaic system! The system features our signature, sleek and now color customizing, Pro X1 Social Printer.  Now the possibilities  are endless, hands-on guest engagement, multiple clients, multiple events and long-running campaigns without the need of event techs from Picture Mosaics!

Key Features

  • The system configuration is tested and simulated for each event to create the most optimal, TRUE mosaic, with minimal color filters or colorization
  • Adhesive photo tiles with patent pending row and column print segmented system
  • Each event is supported with an optimized configuration file, ink, adhesive segmented photo media, and mosaic grid surface
  • Multiple submission options available: photo capture app (iPad), photo booth, hashtags
  • System fully configured with local network (included) and option cloud access for hashtag moderation and aggregation

    What’s Included


    The full system allows your company to activate a Live Print Mosaic without any onsite techs from Picture Mosaics. System includes:

    • Two Pro X1 Social Printers (alternate accent colors available)
    • Configured Razer Stealth laptop and local network
    • iPad App for onsite photo capture
    • High-performance color ink
    • Patent pending segmented photo tiles
    • Mosaic grid surface
    • Pelican protective case
    • Training and 24/7 support

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