Live Print Mosaic Event: Photokina

Live Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic PhotokinaLive Event Mosaic Photokina

Picture Mosaics recently worked with DJI at this years Photokina in Cologne Germany to create a Live Print Mosaic. Photokina is the largest conference for the photo, imaging and video industry. DJI, the market leader in drones and aerial photography, invited us to be a part of their outdoor display to create an interactive mosaic that revealed one of their captions “The Future of Aerial Photography”. With Live Print Mosaics, participants not only become part of the artistic installation, they help to build the actual work of art by hand-placing their photo.

Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

Live Print Mosaic

  • Guests’ photos were printed onsite, just seconds after it was taken, on our patent-pending segmented adhesive paper.
  • At the bottom of each image there are large coordinates, which gave the guests the opportunity to easily hand place their picture in the photo mosaic mural.
  • Our Live Print Mosaic system is the only solution in the world that creates TRUE mosaics as compared to systems that superimpose the main image.

Submission Options

Onsite Photos

      • Picture Mosaics provided brand ambassadors to capture guest photos in real-time
      • Green screen backdrop for custom background options
      • In-booth photographer who also roamed throughout the event area
      • Web app for iPad customized for stationary or roaming photo submissions
      • Participant information captured (name, email, etc.) during submission process

Onsite Enhancements – The exciting “off screen” extras

Onsite Photo Printing

      • Each submitted photo was printed instantly by our high-speed, automated adhesive photo printers

Onsite Tech Support and Build Team

      • Dedicated event staff helped place photo tiles into the mural
      • Proper testing and setup prior to live event
      • Onsite technical support and configuration as needed

Branded Photo Takeaway Prints

    • Each user received an instant, custom branded print of their photo
    • High resolution 2″ x 2″ prints

We specialize in a vast array of mosaic-based event solutions, both onsite and online, seamlessly integrated with social networks and onsite photo-capture devices for a truly engaging experience. Examples include real-time photo mosaic creation, online & interactive fan-driven activations, guest-built Photo-by-Photo mosaic murals, instant personalized mosaic photo prints, and so much more. Click here to learn about more engaging event solutions.