Villanova’s 1842 Day Word Mosaic

For this years Villanova 1842 Day students, faculty, alumni and parents were asked “What does Villanova mean to you?” and their answers were used to create this wordle work of art. Their words were compiled and built into a word mosaic that depicts the Saint Thomas of Villanova Church on campus.

At Villanova University, 1842 Day is an event celebrating their official day of giving. Donations made at this event and throughout the year go toward funding the colleges within the University as well as other organizations, such as Special Olympics, Disaster Relief Fund and various Missions and Ministries. Donations can be made here.

Villanova Word Mosaic

Explore a zoomable version of the mosaic here.

Last year Villanova Picture Mosaics created a Live Print Mosaic for Villanova’s first annual day of giving, 1842 Day. Over 2,000 photos were submitted through hashtag submissions, onsite photography as well as through an online interactive site, to help represent the spirit of the Villanova community. With a Live Print Mosaic, each guest not only becomes part of the artistic installation, they help to build the actual work of art by hand-placing their photo. Check out last years mosaic!