Choosing a Photo Mosaic Source Image

One of the most important components of a photo mosaic is the source image. A source image is the bigger picture that the smaller photos (called “cells”) will create. Any photo can be used as a source image, but not just any photo will the completed photo mosaic that WOW factor. The real question is how well the photo will survive the mosaic transformation. For this post, I’ll be focusing on portrait photos. Landscapes, logos, and other non-human subjects will be addressed in future posts, so stay tuned!

When using a photo of people as your source image, it’s important to consider facial recognition. In order for facial shapes and details to survive the photo mosaic transformation, you’ll want the faces to encompass a fairly large portion of the image, measuring at least 1/3 of the width and height of the entire photo. This will allow a great amount of detail and clarity to come through in the photo mosaic. Here are a couple examples of photos that should produce good facial recognition:

A good photo mosaic source imageA good photo mosaic source







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The Dimensional Photography of Fong Qi Wei

Photography is a field I haven’t explored thoroughly but have always appreciated. Capturing a moment in time has always seemed so fascinating. I recently found a photographer who forges moments in time together to create truly stunning collages. Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei started a project “Time is a Dimension” where he wanted to capture a series of moments in a single image.

dimensional photography

Fong Qi Wei


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‘Tacky’ Mosaics: Eric Daigh’s Unique approach

Simplicity and design go hand in hand, and what could be more simple than a thumb tack? Eric Daigh creates portrait mosaics using hundreds of thumbtacks. From a distance you see what appears to be a pixelated portrait; up close you see an abstract piece of art made of just a few colors. What’s striking about these hand-crafted portraits is they look like they were created digitally. This concept attracted me because I believe the most impacting pieces of art are the most unconventional. As an artist, the question “why didn’t I think of that?” smacks your forehead.

thumbtack mosaics

Eric Daigh

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The 2012 Mona Lisa Photo Mosaic Jerry’s Artarama Catalog Cover

Jerry’s Artarama was looking for a unique, creative angle for their 2012 catalog cover. In the initial discovery phase, they reached out to us to help explore possible directions. The designers at here at Picture Mosaics knew straight away that our trendsetting Multi-size Mosaic technique would result in an extraordinary cover. Utilizing images that Jerry’s Artarama gathered over the years, the very first Multi-size Mona Lisa photo mosaic was born.

The 2012 Mona Lisa Mosaic Jerry's Artarama Catalog Cover

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The ESPN Sportsnation Photo Mosaic Mural

With three years of airtime under their belt, ESPN Sportsnation was looking for the perfect way to bring every milestone together into one stunning piece. They contacted us to do just that. Using the well known, and complex, Sportsnation logo as the photo mosaic source image was one of our biggest source image challenges to date. After brainstorming several design techniques, we found a cutting edge solution that met their every expectation.

The ESPN Sportsnation Photo Mosaic Mural

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A one-of-a-kind Veteran’s Flag Photo Mosaic Mural

When Ty and his team at Extreme Makeover Home Edition were looking for that wow piece to bring the whole project together, they quickly realized the photo mosaic concept would be a perfect fit. Since time at EMHE is always critical and need for a piece that exceeded expectations was paramount, the call was put into Picture Mosaics. As soon as we heard about the project, we were on board.

The concept was to create the American Flag using photos of active and veteran women of the armed forces. Once Ty’s team delivered the photos, we were set to begin work one of our more artistic and impactful mosaic murals to date. The lead members of our design team worked around the clock for a total of two days, making sure every photo was optimally placed, colors were true and vivid as possible, and the mosaic was visually impactful as it was meaningful. Please take a moment to explore the photos and video clips below.

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The Guitar World Hendrix Photo Mosaic Magazine Cover

To celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s final studio album, Electric Ladyland, Guitar World magazine turned to Picture Mosaics for inspiration. The final photo mosaic design featured a collection of images of Jimi Hendrix to create the original album artwork of Electric Ladyland. The mosaic was featured on the cover of Guitar World’s September issue of 2008.


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