Shape Mosaics: The next big thing

***1/6/2015 UPDATE***
You can now place your Shape Mosaic order through our website!

Photo mosaics are a passion of ours. We work hard at pushing the mosaic concept to new heights every day. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce a new kind of photo mosaic to our gallery: Shape Mosaics. Rather than building a mosaic based on the color and detail within the source image, these mosaics build a specific solid shape out of your cell images. Perfect for brand logos, silhouettes, and solid shapes.

Shape Mosaics by Picture Mosaics

Shape mosaics are created differently than standard photo mosaics. Standard mosaics are created by analyzing the colors and shapes within each cell photo to find where they fit best within the source image. Shape mosaics are created by resizing the cell photos to fit within the source shape. Custom backgrounds can be added to emphasize the source shape.

Shape Mosaics from Picture Mosaics   Shape Mosaics from Picture Mosaics

They aren’t available to order just yet, but we couldn’t wait to get the word out there. Keep your ear to the ground, we expect they’ll be ready for Fall 2014!