SketchBot Mosaic: GSK at ACR

Live Sketch Mosaic: GSK at ACRLive Sketch Mosaic: GSK at ACRNEW! Live Sketch MosaicLive Sketch Mosaic: GSK at ACRLive Sketch Mosaic: GSK at ACRLive Sketch Mosaic: GSK at ACRLive Sketch Mosaic: GSK at ACR
Our SketchBot Mosaic was a huge hit at the GSK booth during ACR in Philadelphia. Attendees added their sketch to the mosaic to show their commitment to rheumatology and that they are working to be ‘Ahead of disease together’.

SketchBot Mosaics use the latest AI and machine learning technology to create simple, one of a kind line drawings of event guests. Guests had their photo taken by a brand ambassador, which was then instantly analyzed by the mosaic system and sketched right before their eyes.

Just after their photo was submitted, guests watched as the SketchBot drew their image in less than 60 seconds. The sketch was then placed on the grid wall, matching the correct column and row, to reveal the commitment message.

Guests enjoyed taking photos and videos of the SketchBot in action as their image was being drawn. Many then shared with their coworkers who then came over to also have their portrait made into a sketch!

SketchBot Mosaics are a great addition to any live event. Contact us today and see how they can be incorporated into your next event!

Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

SketchBot Mosaic
  • Guests’ photos were sketched onsite, just seconds after being taken, by one of our SketchBots
  • Each sketched image also includes large printed coordinates, giving each guest the opportunity to easily hand-place their picture in the sketch mosaic mural
  • Our SketchBot Mosaic system is the only solution in the world that creates a mosaic using robot-drawn sketches

How the guests became part of the mosaic – Where the photos came from

Onsite Photographer
  • Brand ambassadors captured guest photos in real-time

Onsite Enhancements – The exciting “off screen” extras

Onsite Photo Sketching
  • Each submitted photo was instantly sketched by our Sketchbots in less than 60 seconds.
Onsite Tech Support and Build Team
  • Dedicated event staff took photos of the guests and helped them place the photo tiles onto the mosaic grid
  • End to end testing and setup prior to live event
  • Onsite technical support and configuration as needed