Coca-Cola’s 135th Anniversary Interactive Mosaic

Live Virtual Mosaic: Coca-ColaLive Virtual Mosaic: Coca-ColaLive Virtual Mosaic: Coca-ColaLive Virtual Mosaic: Coca-ColaLive Virtual Mosaic: Coca-ColaLive Virtual Mosaic: Coca-Cola

To celebrate their 135th anniversary, Coca-Cola invited employees far and wide to share their favorite Coke moments, culminating in a global Virtual Interactive Mosaic!The virtual platform allows users to search, explore, read and even share their Coke moments to social media. In addition to the virtual mosaic, Coca-Cola applied the finished artwork to a larger than life Coke bottle, standing at seven feet tall!

Check out the video below to see the three dimensional bottle in all its glory. For those who aren’t able to check out the physical art piece in person, the virtual mosaic lives on – holding memories for years to come!

Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

Live Virtual Mosaic

      • Users’ photos were instantly analyzed for optimal placement within the interactive mosaic, then inserted in real-time right on their screen
      • A dynamic animation randomly showcased all photos in the mosaic in a “pop-in, pop-out” fashion and shows photos submitted in real-time.

Mosaic Design + Digital File

        • Super high resolution digital file for the bottle wrap, created using employee-submitted photos

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