Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500

Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500Live Event Mosaic: Daytona 500

The year is off to a busy start with Live Print Mosaic Events! Last month, Picture Mosaics worked with Fifth Third Bank at this years’ NASCAR Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach Florida to create a Live Event Mosaic. Guest from all over the country had their photo taken in front of the Fifth Third Bank sponsored race car, as well as on green screen backgrounds. These images were place together to create the Daytona 500 infield logo. Take a look at the timelapse below to see the 4 day build of the mosaic. With Live Print Mosaics, participants not only become part of the artistic installation, they help to build the actual work of art by hand-placing their photo.

Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

Live Print Mosaic

  • Guests’ photos were printed onsite, just seconds after it was taken, on our patent-pending segmented adhesive paper.
  • At the bottom of each image there are large coordinates, which gave the guests the opportunity to easily hand place their picture in the photo mosaic mural.
  • Our Live Print Mosaic system is the only solution in the world that creates TRUE mosaics as compared to systems that superimpose the main image.

How the fans/guests became part of the mosaic – Where the photos came from – 

Onsite Photographer

  • Picture Mosaics provided two brand ambassadors to capture guest photos in real-time
  • In booth photographers roamed throughout event space
  • Green screen backdrops were provided which allowed the participant to choose a custom background

Digital Enhancements – The exciting “on screen” extras

Enhanced Photo Sharing on Social Networks

  • An email sent to the participants provided them with share images, so that they could easily post their image to Facebook and Twitter

Onsite Enhancements – The exciting “off screen” extras

Onsite Photo Printing

  • Each submitted photo was printed instantly by our high-speed, automated adhesive photo printers

Prize Locations

  • Several prize locations placed within the mosaic, designated by a specific icon

Onsite Tech Support and Build Team

  • Dedicated event staff helped the participants place the photo tiles onto the mosaic grid
  • Proper testing and setup prior to live event
  • Onsite technical support and configuration as needed

Branded Photo Takeaway Prints

  • Each user received an instant, custom branded print of their photo

Communications Options – The after party

Email Notifications

  • Emails were sent to all of the participants with their image and an image of the completed mosaic
  • Participants were given the option to opt-in to receive emails with more information about Fifth Third Bank.