Digital SketchBot Mosaic with Recycled Takeaways at WasteExpo

SketchBot Portraits and Digital SketchBot MosaicSketchBot Portraits and Digital SketchBot MosaicSketchBot Portraits and Digital Sketch MosaicSketchBot Portraits and Digital SketchBot MosaicSketchBot Portraits and Digital SketchBot MosaicSketchBot Portraits and Digital SketchBot Mosaic

Technology meets sustainability: our digital SketchBot Mosaic with recycled paper portraits stole the show at this year’s WasteExpo! WasteExpo is North America’s largest solid waste, recycling, organics and sustainability trade show.

SketchBot Mosaics use the latest AI and machine learning technology to create simple, one of a kind line drawings of event guests. Each attendee had their photo taken by a brand ambassador, which was then instantly analyzed by the mosaic system and sketched right before them in less than 30 seconds.

To keep things eco-friendly, the portraits were sketched onto branded recycled paper for each guest to take with them. Once sketched, the portraits were also added to a digital SketchBot Mosaic in real time.

In addition to keeping the physical 4×6 recycled takeaways, guests also received custom emails of their sketch to be shared on social media. Digital SketchBot Mosaics are a great way to interact with and engage your guests while keeping your footprint small!

Thinking of creating a digital or online SketchBot Mosaic? Check out our ‘Portraits of the World‘ online SketchBot Mosaic for Social Reactive! Contact us for more information.

Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

SketchBot Portraits

  • Guests’ photos were sketched onsite, just seconds after being taken, by one of our SketchBots
  • Each sketched image also includes a custom branded footer that can be preprinted or sketched by SketchBot

Digital SketchBot Mosaic

  • Guests’ sketch portraits were added into a Digital SketchBot Mosaic in real time
  • A dynamic animation randomly showcased all photos in the mosaic in a “pop-in, popout” fashion
  • Pre-set photo library is used to keep a continuous flow of photos into the mosaic when user submissions are low
  • Configured to ensure mosaic completion within the set timeframe

How the guests became part of the mosaic – Where the photos came from – 

Onsite Photographer

  • Brand ambassadors captured guest photos in real-time

Onsite Enhancements – The exciting “off screen” extras

Onsite Photo Sketching

  • Each submitted photo was instantly sketched by our SketchBots in less than 60 seconds.

Onsite Support

  • Dedicated event staff took photos of the guests
  • End to end testing and setup prior to live event
  • Onsite technical support and configuration as needed

Communications Options – The after party

Email Notifications

  • Emails were sent to all of the participants with their sketch and an image of the completed SketchBot Mosaic
  • The emails encouraged the participant to share their sketch on various social media platforms
  • Participants filled out data on the iPad including name and email