#TheStandingO Mosaic Reaches Berlin

#TheStandingO Mosaic Reaches Berlin in contemporary art exhibit.

A little over a year ago we shared #TheStandingO Mosaic with the world. Now it until July 22nd, this tribute to President Obama can be seen as part of the Quest For Meaning Exhibit, curated by Ellen Blumenstein, at the Kunstaele, an Institution for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

“Since the ‘Quest-for-Meaning Bureau’ is not only intended to showcase contemporary art but also to elicit critical and very personal reflection on the question of the meaning of a good life” 
-Ina Hollmann, Kunstaele Program Director

As Barack Obama’s historic presidency came to a close, GIPHYDeep Focus, and Now This contacted us to help them devise an interactive experience for Obama’s fans to say thank you. The goal was to allow each supporter to show their appreciation, while coming together as a whole to say “Thanks, Obama” in what will be the largest digital standing ovation in history – #TheStandingO

Click here to learn more about the exhibit.