Thanks, Obama: #TheStandingO Mosaic

As Barack Obama’s historic presidency came to a close, Picture Mosaics helped orchestrate an interactive experience for Obama’s fans to say thank you. The goal was to allow each supporter to show their appreciation, while coming together as a whole to say “Thanks, Obama” in what will be the largest digital standing ovation in history – #TheStandingO.

We knew that our online social and interactive photo mosaic platform would be perfect fit the goals of this campaign. In addition to being a great way to say thank you to President Barack Obama, interactivity and shareability was paramount in its success. In order to give the full standing ovation effect, each participant was able to upload a video of their applause.

It was a pleasure help create this interactive mosaic in honor of our 44th president. The final mosaic image is stunning and the functionality of the website and upload flow is simple and flawless. The online mosaic opens with a single applause and expands to reveal the awe-inspiring overall mosaic image – check it out!