Free Print Winner: Hearthstone Photo Mosaic Fan Art

When a request for a mosaic service that was submitted on Reddit, we had no idea that it would result in a flurry of fan art mosaics coming through our Online Mosaic Tool.

In a category of Reddit dedicated to the card game Hearthstone, a link to our Online Mosaic Tool was shared in response to a Hearthstone mosaic posted on the page. This photo mosaic was created by a fan elsewhere, but deciding to up the ante, another fan created a Hearthstone mosaic using our tool. Realizing that he had a chance to win a free print if his mosaic received 25 likes, he went back to the Reddit page to share his creation.

Within minutes his mosaic received 87 likes on our site and an endless thread of praise on the Reddit fan page. True to our word, we printed out the 36×48” mosaic and shipped off to the lucky winner. Within a day, the gallery for our Online Mosaic Tool filled up with Hearthstone fan photo mosaics, all thanks to a simple post on Reddit!

Check out more of the fan photo mosaics here.