A ‘Staple’ in the World of Mosaics

I’ve seen a lot of buzz going around about the (hopefully) triumphant new chapter in the Star Wars saga. I have to say that I’ve been a huge fan since I was a kid (I even enjoy the prequels!). So I’m definitely excited to see this great story unfold even further. While there’s certainly no shortage of Star Wars fan art out there, these portrait mosaics by James Haggerty grabbed my attention right away. I must add that I’m a big mosaic fan, especially photo mosaics.

staple mosaics  staple mosaics

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The Dimensional Photography of Fong Qi Wei

Photography is a field I haven’t explored thoroughly but have always appreciated. Capturing a moment in time has always seemed so fascinating. I recently found a photographer who forges moments in time together to create truly stunning collages. Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei started a project “Time is a Dimension” where he wanted to capture a series of moments in a single image.

dimensional photography

Fong Qi Wei


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Fine Art: Drink It In

In this modern world of photo manipulation and filters, we seem to dismiss the appreciation of fine art. We mustn’t forget the talent and patience it takes to create art by hand. As a graphic design student, I try to incorporate fine art in my design wherever I can. Malaysian artist Hong Yi also remembered every morning as she drank her cup of coffee and a concept began to brew in her mind. My appreciation for fine art drew me to this artist because she used the mosaic concept with a more traditional route.

fine art

Hong Yi’s coffee stain art

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The 2012 Mona Lisa Photo Mosaic Jerry’s Artarama Catalog Cover

Jerry’s Artarama was looking for a unique, creative angle for their 2012 catalog cover. In the initial discovery phase, they reached out to us to help explore possible directions. The designers at here at Picture Mosaics knew straight away that our trendsetting Multi-size Mosaic technique would result in an extraordinary cover. Utilizing images that Jerry’s Artarama gathered over the years, the very first Multi-size Mona Lisa photo mosaic was born.

The 2012 Mona Lisa Mosaic Jerry's Artarama Catalog Cover

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