Digital Interactive Mosaic Event: Nickelodeon Burbank Mosaic Wall

Picture Mosaics was honored to be part of the celebration of Nickelodeon cutting the ribbon on its Burbank facility. For this full day of events, we provided a live digital photo mosaic wall which featured an image of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Products & Services – How we provided the wow factor

Digital Interactive Mosaic
  • Guests’ photos were taken and instantly analyzed for optimal placement within the digital interactive mosaic, then inserted in real-time right on screen

Submission Options – How we got those photos on screen

Onsite Photos
  • Picture Mosaics provided onsite photographers
Onsite Photo App
  • Web app used on tablets to take photos and display them on the big screen

Enhancements – The exciting extras

Pop-Out Animation
  • Dynamic animation randomly showcased all photos in mosaic in a “pop-in, pop-out” fashion

Communications Options – The after party

Email Notifications
  • After getting their photo taken, every guest received a confirmation email which included their photo, the finished mosaic, and Facebook and Twitter sharing options
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