Ai SketchBots Win “Best In Show” at ExhibitorLive (Twice)

Ai SketchBots at ExhibitorLive 2024Ai SketchBots at ExhibitorLive 2024Ai SketchBots at ExhibitorLive 2024Ai SketchBots at ExhibitorLive 2024Picture Mosaics at ExhibitorLive 2024Picture Mosaics at ExhibitorLive 2024

We are humbled and honored that Picture Mosaics has been selected as the winner of, not one, but two Best-In-Show awards at ExhibitorLive 2024! Not only were our Ai SketchBots a HUGE hit at our booth, but they were the buzz of the entire show – whoa!

In the world of exhibiting, it is important to try and find a creative way to draw attendees into your booth, engage them, network, and gain great leads. All of our products have been designed with that in mind.

SketchBot Update: Our latest Ai SketchBot Model V5 (epsilon) wowed everyone that participated with it’s attention to detail,  artistry, and fun…all in under 60 seconds. You can learn more about our latest AI Model V5 (epsilon) and all of the other amazing features here.

Fun fact:
88% of guests recorded their portrait being sketched, to ensure they captured the magic!

Crafting an experience so captivating, it compels attendees to instinctively reach for their phones to capture the moment, is the holy grail of experiential marketing and organic viral sharing. SketchBots create shareable, memorable interactions!

More Than SketchBots: In additional, the 300+ our Ai SketchBot portraits sketched, we also showcased 3 other experiential products: Live Print Mosaics, SketchBot Mosaics, and newest product: Live Ai Photo Mosaics.

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