‘Tacky’ Mosaics: Eric Daigh’s Unique approach

Simplicity and design go hand in hand, and what could be more simple than a thumb tack? Eric Daigh creates portrait mosaicsĀ using hundreds of thumbtacks. From a distance you see what appears to be a pixelated portrait; up close you see an abstract piece of art made of just a few colors. What’s striking about these hand-crafted portraits is they look like they were created digitally. This concept attracted me because I believe the most impacting pieces of art are the most unconventional. As an artist, the question “why didn’t I think of that?” smacks your forehead.

thumbtack mosaics

Eric Daigh

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The 2012 Mona Lisa Photo Mosaic Jerry’s Artarama Catalog Cover

Jerry’s Artarama was looking for a unique, creative angle for their 2012 catalog cover. In the initial discovery phase, they reached out to us to help explore possible directions. The designers at here at Picture Mosaics knew straight away that our trendsetting Multi-size Mosaic technique would result in an extraordinary cover. Utilizing images that Jerry’s Artarama gathered over the years, the very first Multi-size Mona Lisa photo mosaic was born.

The 2012 Mona Lisa Mosaic Jerry's Artarama Catalog Cover

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