This exclusive 360 drone technology is not only an aerial entertainment show, but amazing activation that will be all the buzz. Not only will this tiny, super safe, 8-ounce drone be the main attraction at your event, it produces some of the most amazing shareable video content with your branding or messaging. Utilizing state-of-the-art Ai tracking ensures that your guests are the center of the action. The fun and cool factor are turned all the way up!
Key Features:
  • Next level 360 video technology
  • Fun and cool factor to the max
  • Super safe: 8 ounces (249g)
  • Amazing shareable videos with custom branding and messaging
  • Shareable videos available within seconds
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Features & Overview

The Wow and Cool Factor
(that everyone wants to be a part of!)

  • Dazzling sharable videos with branding
  • Super High Tech
  • Easy, fun, and attention grabbing
  • Shareable videos available within seconds (sharing station)

Autonomous & Safe

Licensed & Insured Pilots

Even though the 360 Drone Experience is 100% safe and autonomous, we have experts on hand to ensure a perfect, fun, safe experience. We have performed thousands of hours of 100% safe flying in nearly all environments.


  • short events, multi-day events
  • Perfect for large and small groups
  • 360 Drone Experience is primarily meant for indoor use.

Video Sharing Station

After guests exit the 360 Drone Experience, they will be directed to the sharing station (iPad kiosk station) to see their amazing video footage edited with slow-mo, fast-mo, reverse, overlays, sparkles, or other fun effects. They will then be able to send the video to themselves and share with others. Fun and easy peasy!

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