Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic

In our R&D design lab, we are always tinkering with new ideas and directions for the next big thing in mosaics. In an effort equal to its magical intrigue, we present to you the first in our Masterpiece Mosaic Collection: The Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic. Please enjoy this video short of the creation of the Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic.
Using our accumulated knowledge of mosaics over the past 10 years, we began mapping out the method (and madness) that would ultimately lead to this exciting combination of mosaic art. To take the mosaic a step further and undeniably add complexity, it was decided to use our multi-size style. Through trial and error along with dedicated support from our entire team, our lead acrylic artist, Jackie Greco, persevered and created what we call nothing short of a masterpiece. Get a closer look by using the zooming display below.
Thirty of the most beautiful, picturesque locations and landmarks from around the world were chosen to make up the Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mosaic. The choice to showcase the eyes of the Mona Lisa seemed clear: world renowned beauty reflected through the most iconic and penetrating eyes in the world. This combination has been the inspiration behind this ambitious project.
One brush stoke at a time, one painting at a time, 30 acrylic paintings were skillfully created over a span of several weeks by Picture Mosaics very own Jackie Greco. As the piece was conceptualized and brought to life, our team provided support and direction and Jackie took the lead on this masterful work of art.
To purchase this mosaic on canvas, please use the purchase button below. If you would like to license the Mona Lisa MM or even leverage our mosaic artists to create your very own masterpiece mosaic, please reach out to us using our contact page.
With our talented artists and wide range of disciplines, we are excited for the future of the Masterpiece Mosaic collection!
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Locations depicted:
Machu Picchu - Cusco Region, Peru
Northern Lights - Canada
CN Tower - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Santorini Bells - Greece
Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA, USA
Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania
Taj Mahal - Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Brandenburg Gate - Berlin, Germany
Stonehenge - Wiltshire, England
Windmills - Kinderdijk, Netherlands
The Pyramids of Giza - El Giza, Egypt
Christ Redeemer Statue - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Grand Canyon, Colorado River - Arizona, USA
Cathedral Cove - Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion) - Kyoto, Japan
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
Great Wall of China - Fengtai, Beijing, China
Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal - Venice, Italy
The Colosseum - Rome, Italy
The Ancient City of Petra - Ma'an, Jordan
Kukulkan Pyramid - Chichen Itza, Mexico
Big Ben - London, England
The Sydney Opera House - New South Wales, Australia
The Louvre - Paris, France
The Acropolis - Athens, Greece
The Great Buddha Statue - Kamakura, Japan
Moai Statues - Easter Island, Chile
Victoria Falls - Zambia/Zimbabwe
Central Park - New York City, NY, USA
Park G├╝ell - Barcelona, Spain