Super Small Footprint8.2"x9.5"x13"
Cutting-Edge TechnologyFeatures Primera Technology's industry leading print drive system and compatible inks
Lightning SpeedPrints 2x2" photo in 12 seconds @ 1200dpi*
Color ChoicesChoose from 1 of 7 accent colors
Multiple Print SizesSupports 1" to 4" wide photos**
Maximum ThroughputCan connect up to 6 printers on one system
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Vivid color lock ink
ensures no fading due to sun or heat during your activation. Compatible with Primera's High Yield Ink Cartridges.
Patent pending segmented adhesive photos
make it easy for guests to place their photo.
Easy reload ink and paper system
for minimum downtime.
* Maximum dpi 4800dpi will print slower.
** Standard Live Print Mosaic system supports up to 2x2" photos. Actual 2x2" size is 1.93x1.93". Supports 1” and 2” cores