inMotion Mosaics

Prints and murals are great avenues to display a mosaic; however we wanted to take the mosaic concept further. We decided build software that allows us to push the envelope of photo mosaics and animation to the next level. Combining full motion videos into one large mosaic video was an industry first. Since then, we never looked back and have produced numerous stunning video mosaics for commercial and non-commercial use. If recently you saw a TV ad featuring some sort of mosaic, there is a good chance we created it. We continue to make upgrades to our software and are excited about the video mosaic possibilities for 2016 and beyond!

Our new inMotion Mosaic software offers many advanced video detection and analysis features; such features include scene detection capabilities, color/contrast scene analysis, scene manipulation, and scene temporal analysis. This new software along with our in-house production studio can create polished full high definition video mosaic clips that can be deployed in numerous multimedia genres.
Note: The videos below simply exist as examples; we will tailor your custom video mosaic to meet your goals, expectations, storyboard, or desired effect. All styles can feature cells that are free-running videos or stills.
Featured Animation: Intel Skylake Keynote - IDF2015
Picture Mosaics also offers Real-Time Event Mosaics for a more engaging mosaic experience. While targeted for events, conferences, and parties, the mosaics can easily be used for online purposes. These highly interactive mosaics are built right before the eyes of its attendees and have the capability of being displayed on HD LCD/Plasma monitors ranging from 50'-100'+ in size! Take a look around on our trade show and event page for more examples of our Real-Time Event Mosaics.
real-time photo mosaic event demo
real-time photo mosaic event demo
photo mosaic build animation demo
photo mosaic pop-out animation demo
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