Picture Mosaics

Scatter Mosaics

We are proud to announce our new scatter mosaic technology. Our scatter mosaics have just come out of beta and are now available through "Our Premium Mosaic Service" (the first item on our products page) for an additional $35.00 for sizes up to 44" x 72".
Our new scatter mosaic technology allows for multiple orientations (of cell photos) within the same mosaic. It also features shape recognition and the ability to use non-rectangular objects/photos. One caveat to understand in using this technique is that not all of your photos will be on the top most layer, some may be partially hidden behind other photos.
In addition to the example below, be sure to check out our gallery for more scatter examples.
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If you have any interest in using this technology for a new mosaic,
please visit our Our Premium Mosaic Service
and select the scatter option for your cell shape.